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Fuel saving technology

The Spider® ECU Performance Pack is an inventive plug in tuning solution which provides an average power gain of 30%. Delivered with OE harness, you can be driving a highly tuned car in minutes. Want to see what we can do for you...?

The Spider® Pedal-Booster is a cleverly devised unit which improves your throttle response and acceleration. Switch between different modes, to enhance the responsiveness of your acceleration and improve the driving style of your car...

Want to save fuel? The Spider® fuel Efficiency Pack can help you save fuel and use up to 20% less diesel. Increase your engine's fuel efficiency with our plug in controller which uses signal adaptation to help boost your car's MPG...

The Spider® Exhaust Valve Control Box controls the exhaust solenoid valves found on the latest sports cars such as ferrari and Aston Martin. It allows full control of the exhaust valve to allow a rich deep exhaust tone and ear ripping notes at all speeds...


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