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Quality is paramount, that's why all Spider® products now come with a 10 year new for old warranty. Demand perfection, demand Spider®

Launch Control from Spider®

Control the response profile of acceleration with Launch Control. Dash mounted, adjust on the fly.

Choose your acceleration style from up to 24 different profiles including Race Mode Launch Control.

Easy mode change from the Spider® Touch Panel.

ECO mode programs with reduced response profile.

Security feature can immobilize the car, even if you have the key, for when you want it left alone.

Launch Control

Micro-box Chiptuning from Spider® for diesel and petrol applications.

Chiptuning has been really big for some time, but now we make it small, really small.

Multi-channel chiptuning with touch panel program control, LED display and only 10mm high!

Extend the features of the tuningbox with Microchip® 48MHz chipset , flash memory and Slope in technology.

Multiple driving modes and performance profiles to choose from.

Easy to install, even easier to hide.

Micro-box chiptuning

The Ultimate Chiptuning solution from Spider® for petrol and diesel applications.

Take every chiptuning feature available, add more, then you get the Performance Pack.

64MHz Microchip®, flash memory, updateable and transferable.

Features Adaptiv-Scan™ firmware, self calibration procedure call, self adjustment.

Cold start delay, touch panel program adjustment, LED display and RACEMODE™ Technology.

48 pin ECU connector and original equipment harness supplied.

Performance Pack

More power for less. Entry level Tuningbox for diesel applications.

Easy installation with single point original equipment harness supplied.

16MHz Microchip® chipset with push button customer adjustment.

Transferable between cars.

Carbon Fibre style enclosure.

Tuningbox Chip

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