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As featured in What Diesel magazine 2007
This car isnt just fast for a diesel. Its fast, period

A full 15kg lighter than the 4.0-litre eight-cylinder TDI it replaces, the compact 4.2-litre unit is the first Audi V8 TDI engine to incorporate the latest common rail fuel injection system with state-of-the-art Piezo injectors. The precisely metered fuel delivery that Piezo technology makes possible ensures that the new twin-turbocharged and twin-intercooled engine not only provides more power and even stronger performance than the 4.0 TDI, but also holds that marginal fuel economy advantage. Featuring a separate high-pressure pump and rail for each row of four cylinders, the Piezo system permits up to five separate amounts of fuel to be injected on each working stroke at an injection pressure of 1600 bar, 250 bar more than with previous common rail systems. This helps to achieve the best possible fuel/air mixture and an even more efficient combustion process.
Environmental impact is also minimised by a diesel particulate filter, which is fitted as standard and works in conjunction with the twin catalytic converters to maximise exhaust gas cleansing.
This 2007 model A8 4.2 tdi is an extremely powerful car in standard form producing an impressive 323ps and a massive torque figure of 650Nm so the Spider® had its work cut out to impress the owner of this car.

One of their technicians got straight to work!
Installation of the Spider® diesel tuning upgrade was made easy by using VAG original equipment connectors. This A8 4.2 TDi was ready to go within just 5 minutes of the bonnet being lifted. Once fitting is completed, it is time to calibrate the Spider®. This allows the Spider ® to alter its internal software parameters to suit each individual application. The calibration process is best performed on a warm engine and only needs to be performed the very first time it is fitted taking just 60 seconds. Once calibrated, it can be removed and refitted without the need to recalibrate.
On the road, the car was transformed. Its impressive power of 323ps has been pushed up to an amazing 402ps! Torque is also way up at a mouth watering 851Nm, thats an increase from standard of 201Nm. Using the tiptronic gearshift paddle makes this car now feel like an italian supercar. 0-60 time has been reduced from 5.6 seconds to a very respectful 4.9 seconds.
CAR: Audi A8 4.2TDI V8 Quattro range PRICE: ££60,500-£65,770 - on the road
CO2 EMISSIONS: 261g/km
PERFORMANCE: 0-60mph 5.6s / Max Speed 155mph
FUEL CONSUMPTION: (average) 30mpg
WILL IT FIT IN YOUR GARAGE?: Length/Width/Height mm 5051/1928/1444

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