Welcome to the chiptuning revolution - iMode™ from Spider®

Change the performance of your car instantly using the in car touch screen

Choose your driving mode from behind the wheel.

Increase your performance on the fly!

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iMode™ from Spider

Legal notice: Whilst using a sport button to alter your car's performance is legal, using a mobile phone to do the same whilst driving may contravene local laws in your Country, if in doubt check first before using.

    Instantly change your car's performance on the fly!

    Use the in car touch screen for enchanced driving fun

    Choose your performance level

    User friendly interface

    Firmware for every supported engine


    Choose between ECO mode, Fast Road or RACEmode settings

    See the change in the mapping

    Increase boost

    Real time feedback

    Return to stock power to feel the difference!


    High quality Microchip® Bluetooth® module

    Superfast 2.4GHz connection speed

    Use any Android device to take control

    High level of encryption

    20M range of connection zone


    Choose ECO mode for added fuel efficiency

    Four Fast road modes, each with increased levels of performance

    RACEmode for the ultimate in chiptuning performance!

    Quick off setting for standard power


  • stylish and user friendly Our iMode™ APP has been designed to be user friendly and easy to use, yet is full of exciting features and technology.

    Different driving modes, performance settings, and even the ability to increase boost.

    Don't make do, get the best.
  • INSTANT ADJUSTMENT Have to stop the car, turn off the engine, open the bonnet and disassemble your tuningbox just to make an adjustment? Not with Spider®. Make the adjustment as you drive and feel the instant change!
  • CHANGING CAR? Where one would normally need to return their tuning system to be reprogrammed for a new car, the Performance Pack is already preloaded with all our software versions. This means should you change your car, simply connect through iMode™ and select the relevant firmware (as advised by Spider®) and install.
    Job done.
  • BEST IN SHOW Change your performance as you drive

    Select your preferred performance

    Install new firmware instantly if you change car!


Increase your performance straight from the driving seat with the Spider® iMode™ system. iMode™ allows changes to the performance levels and driving mode without even having to stop the engine! Increase torque, lower the power band, up the boost, return to stock power, the limitations of the manufacturer are now removed!
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How to install iMode™

Download the iMode™ App from the Google store.