Give your car the edge with Launch Control from Spider®

Control your car's acceleration response with pre-selected levels

Crisper response, quicker acceleration and more driving fun!

Launch Control from Spider® brings even more fun to driving your car.

Simply install Launch Control, and use the dash mounted touch pad to control your car's response levels.

Six levels to choose from plus secure mode which immobilizes the car for when you want it left alone!

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The Spider® Launch Control system.

Launch Control

    Dash mounted touch pad for easy adjustment on the fly

    Choose from ECO, fast road and Racemode settings

    Totally control your car's response levels

    Invisible to the Dealer - Leaves no traces

    Removable and Transferable to your next car


    48MHz Chip speed

    Stylish design with plug and play install

    Make your acceleration even more dynamic!

    Original equipment connection

    Undetectable once removed


    Voltage and polarity protection

    SECURE feature which renders the car immobilized

    LED Display with night mode


    Comes complete with original equipment connection harness

    Full colour installation manual

    Fully qualified support from the manufacturer

    Simple plug and play system, remove anytime

    Can be removed for service and reinstalled


  • DASH MOUNTED TOUCH PAD With its dash mounted touch panel, adjustment is made easy even on the fly.

    Select from 6 driving modes, ECO, 4 x Fast Road, and Racemode for the ultimate in driving response.
  • EASY INSTALLATION Using original equipment connectors, the Spider® Launch control simply plugs straight in to your accelerator sensor to enable complete overide of the manufacturers response level. Quicker and crisper acceleration in an instant!
  • STYLISH AND EASY TO USE Attractive design and easy user interface gives Launch control the edge.

    LED display shows the current level of response, with night mode for night driving.
  • BEST IN SHOW Super fast processing speed, multiple response levels, secure mode for when you want your car left alone!

    Spider® - The best or nothing